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  • Characteristic Functions Assignment by Adding Perturbation 

    Shahmansoorian, Aref؛ Ahmadi, Peyman (University of Kashan, 2023-12-01)
    ‎This paper presents a method for characteristic function assignment on rational functions by adding perturbation in systems with irrational characteristic functions‎. ‎Generally‎, ‎in systems with irrational characteristic ...

  • The Effect of the Caputo Fractional Derivative on Polynomiography 

    Bisheh-Niasar, Morteza (University of Kashan, 2023-12-01)
    ‎This paper presents the visualization process of finding the roots of a complex polynomial‎ - ‎which is called polynomiography‎ - ‎by the Caputo fractional derivative‎. ‎In this work‎, ‎we substitute the variable-order ...

  • Approximate Convexity for Set-Valued Maps 

    Kefayati, Zohreh؛ Oveisiha, Morteza (University of Kashan, 2023-12-01)
    ‎In this paper‎, ‎we extend the notion of approximate convexity to set-valued maps and obtain some relations between approximate convexity and approximate monotonicity of their normal subdifferential‎.

  • Bogomolov Multiplier and Isoclinism of Lie Rings 

    Araghi Rostani, Zeinab؛ Parvizi, Mohsen؛ Niroomand, Peyman (University of Kashan, 2023-12-01)
    ‎In the present paper it is shown that Bogomolov multipliers of isoclinic Lie rings are isomorphic‎. ‎Also‎, ‎we show that isoclinic finite Lie rings have isoclinic CP covers‎. ‎Finally‎, ‎it is proved that if $CE_1$ and ...

  • Applications‎ ~‎of $Q$-hypergeometric and Hurwitz‎-Lerch Zeta Functions on Meromorphic Functions 

    Sayedain Boroujeni, Seyed Hadi؛ Najafzadeh, Shahram (University of Kashan, 2023-12-01)
    ‎A new subclass of meromorphic univalent functions by using the q-hypergeometric and Hurwitz-Lerch Zeta functions is defined‎. ‎Also‎, ‎by applying the generalized Liu-Srivastava operator on meromorphic functions‎, ‎some ...

  • Row Stochastic Matrices and Linear Preservers of Matrix Majorization $T:\mathbb{R}_{m} \rightarrow \mathbb{R}_{n}$ 

    Mohammadhasani, Ahmad؛ Dehghanian, Mehdi؛ Sayyari, Yamin (University of Kashan, 2023-12-01)
    ‎A nonnegative square and real matrix $R$ is a row stochastic matrix if the sum of the entries of each row is equal to one‎. ‎Let $x$‎, ‎$y \in \mathbb{R}_{n}$‎. ‎The vector $x$ is said to be matrix majorized by $y$ and ...

  • On the Maximal Graph of a Commutative Ring 

    Soleimani, Masoumeh؛ Mahmudi, Fatemeh؛ Naderi, Mohammad Hasan (University of Kashan, 2023-09-01)
    ‎Let $R$ be a commutative ring with nonzero identity‎. ‎Throughout this paper we explore some properties of two certain subgraphs of the maximal graph of $R$‎.

  • Improved Adaptive Stabilization Controller for an UPOs of Chaotic Systems‎~ ‎with an Optimal Principle by TDFC Method 

    Abbasi, Majid؛ Ramezani, Mehdi (University of Kashan, 2023-09-01)
    ‎In this paper‎, ‎we investigate an improved method for stabilizing a class of uncertain chaotic nonlinear dynamical system‎. ‎Our approach follows techniques of optimal principle for time-delayed feedback control and ...

  • An Upper Bound for Min-Max Angle of Polygons 

    Asaeedi, Saeed؛ Didehvar, Farzad؛ Mohades, Ali (University of Kashan, 2023-09-01)
    ‎Let $S$ be a set of $n$ points in the plane‎, ‎$\nabla(S)$ the set of all simple polygons crossing $S$‎, ‎$\gamma_P$ the maximum angle of polygon $P \in \nabla(S)$ and $\theta =min_{P\in\nabla(S)} \gamma_P$‎. ‎In this ...

  • Reflection of Rays on Connected Flat Reflectors and Parametric Curved Mirrors 

    Khorshidi, Hossein؛ Hasani-Saleh, Afsaneh (University of Kashan, 2023-09-01)
    ‎In this paper‎, ‎reflections of two distinct rays and also of families of orthotomic rays‎, ‎either on connected flat reflectors (as a nonsmooth surface) or on a parametric curved mirror‎, ‎are investigated in 2D Cartesian ...

  • The Borg’s Theorem for Singular Sturm-Liouville Problem with Non-Separated Boundary Conditions 

    Bagherzadeh, Maedeh؛ Neamaty, Abdolali (University of Kashan, 2023-09-01)
    ‎In this paper‎, ‎we consider a Sturm-Liouville equation with non-separated boundary conditions on a finite interval‎. ‎We discuss some properties of solutions of the Sturm-Liouville equation‎, ‎where the potential function ...

  • Bounds on the Minimum Edge Dominating Energy in Terms of Some Parameters of a Graph 

    Movahedi, Fateme (University of Kashan, 2023-09-01)
    ‎The minimum edge dominating energy‎, ‎denoted by $EE_{F}(G)$‎, ‎is the sum of the absolute values of eigenvalues of the minimum edge dominating matrix of graph $G$‎. ‎In this paper‎, ‎we give some bounds and sharp bounds ...

  • ‎On Power Graph of Some Finite Rings 

    Soleimani, Masoumeh؛ Naderi, Mohamad Hasan (University of Kashan, 2023-08-01)
    ‎Consider a ring $R$ with order $p$ or $p^2$‎, ‎and let $\mathcal{P}(R)$ represent its multiplicative power graph‎. ‎For two distinct rings $R_1$ and $R_2$ that possess identity element 1‎, ‎we define a new structure called ...

  • Coupling Chebyshev Collocation with TLBO to Optimal Control Problem of Reservoir Sedimentation: A Case Study on Golestan Dam, Gonbad Kavous City, Iran 

    Ebrahimzadeh, Asiyeh؛ Khanduzi, Raheleh؛ Ebrahimzadeh, Zahra (University of Kashan, 2023-08-01)
    ‎In this paper‎, ‎an efficient and robust approach based on the Chebyshev collocation method and Teaching-Learning-Based Optimization (TLBO) is utilized to solve the Optimal Control Problem (OCP) of reservoir sedimentation ...

  • Topics on $(H,Poly(P))$-Hypergroups 

    Mirvakili, Saeed؛ Hosseini, Somayeh؛ Davvaz, Bijan (University of Kashan, 2023-08-01)
    ‎In this paper‎, ‎we construct a hypergroup by using a hypergroup‎ ‎$(H,\circ)$ and a polygroup $(P,\cdot)$‎, ‎and call it‎ ‎$(H,Poly(P))$-hypergroup‎. ‎The method of constructing hypergroups in this paper is not present ...

  • Barnes−Godunova−Levin Type Inequalities for Generalized Sugeno Integral 

    Jaddi, Mohsen؛ Loghman, Amir (University of Kashan, 2023-08-01)
    ‎This article will prove the Barnes–Godunova–Levin (B-G-L) type inequalities for generalized Sugeno integrals‎. ‎Also‎, ‎we use some techniques and properties of concave functions to prove theorems and to obtain new results‎. ...

  • Exact Solution of Schrödinger Equation for Pentaquark Systems 

    Tazimi, Narges؛ Monemzadeh, Majid؛ Naderolasli, Shila (University of Kashan, 2023-08-01)
    ‎In this paper‎, ‎we present an exact analytical solution for five interacting quarks‎. ‎We solve the Schr\"{o}dinger equation for pentaquarks in the framework of five-body and two-body problems‎. ‎For this purpose‎, ‎we ...

  • Chaotic Time Series Prediction Using Rough-Neural Networks 

    Ahmadi, Ghasem؛ Dehghandar, Mohammad (University of Kashan, 2023-08-01)
    ‎Artificial neural networks with amazing properties‎, ‎such as universal approximation‎, ‎have been utilized to approximate the nonlinear processes in many fields of applied sciences‎. ‎This work proposes the rough-neural ...

  • On w-Neat Rings‎ 

    Rashedi, Fatemeh (University of Kashan, 2023-03-01)
    ‎In this paper‎, ‎we offer a new generalization of the neat ring that is called a w-neat ring‎. ‎A ring $ R $ is said to be weakly clean if every $ r\in R $ can be written as $ r=u+e $ or $ r=u-e $ where $ u\in‎$ U$(R) $ ...

  • On Hyper CI-algebras 

    Borhani Nejad Rayeni, Somayeh؛ Rezaei, Akbar (University of Kashan, 2023-03-01)
    In this paper, we define the notion of hyper CI-algebras as a generalization of hyper BE-algebras and present some properties. Also, the concepts of a weak hyper filter and a hyper filter over hyper CI-algebras is defined. ...

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