Volume 1, Issue 4


ارسال های اخیر

  • Average Heat Transfer Coefficient in Rectangular Ducts with Baffle Blockages 

    Mostoufizadeh, A. R.؛ Molki, Majid (Materials and Energy Research Center, 1988-11-01)
    An experimental investigation was conducted to study the average and the fully-developed heat (mass) transfer coefficients in a rectangular smooth duct and a duct with repeated-baffle blockages. The focus of attention in ...

  • A Partially Observable Markovian Maintenance Process with Continuous Cost Functions 

    Aryanezhad, M.B. (Materials and Energy Research Center, 1988-11-01)
    In this paper a two-state Markovian maintenance process where the true state is unknown will be considered. The operating cost per period is a continuous random variable which depends on the state of the process. If ...

  • Stability of One Bay Symmetrical Frames with Nonuniform Members 

    Irani, F. (Materials and Energy Research Center, 1988-11-01)
    This paper deals with simple portal or gable steel frames with varying moment of inertia. Critical load for such frames is calculated by means of a very simple and approximate method through which the variation of moment ...

  • Overview of Reverse Osmosis for Chemical Engineers Part 1, Fundamentals of Membrane Mass Transfer 

    Mehdizadeh, H.؛ Dickson, J. M. (Materials and Energy Research Center, 1988-11-01)
    Reverse osmosis (RO). has become a standard unit operation in Chemical Engineering. This separation process can be used for a wide variety of applications including: desalination of sea water, treatment of industrial wastes, ...

  • The Pfgc Equation of State at the Age of Fourteen 

    Moshfeghian, M. (Materials and Energy Research Center, 1988-11-01)
    The purpose of this paper was to review and report the recent advances and progress that have been achieved on the fourteen year old PFGC equation of state. This paper will also discuss the good (pros) and the bad (cons) ...