Volume 6, Issue 2


ارسال های اخیر

  • A Studyof the Design of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine 

    Chandra Mandal, A.؛ Quamrul Islam, M. D. (Materials and Energy Research Center, 1993-08-01)
    In this using paper a method is presented for the aerodynamic and structural analysis of a horizontal axis wind turbine using simplified methods. In the first part of the program the optimum rotor configuration for twist ...

  • Transient Minimization Within Static Var Compensated Distribution Systems 

    Shannon, G.؛ Hosseini, S. H. (Materials and Energy Research Center, 1993-08-01)
    VAR support should be supplied as close to the load as possible to minimize transmission losses. For voltage control and for improvement of total power factor in a distribution system the circuit- breaker switched capacitor ...

  • Fuels With a High Enthalpy of Evaporation in Si Engine 

    Mozafari, A.A. (Materials and Energy Research Center, 1993-08-01)
    The increasing use of fuels derived from oil, deepens concern about the fact that non-fossil fuels have to be considered as the fuels of the future. Among the alternatives, hydrogen produced from the abundant sources of ...

  • Pullout Load Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Anchor Shafts 

    Haji Kazemi, H. (Materials and Energy Research Center, 1993-08-01)
    In this paper, results obtained in both conventional and finite element analysis of straight and belled anchor shafts subjected to a pullout force are presented. In numerical analysis, it is assumed that no drainage takes ...

  • A Single Supplier Procurement Model With Random Yield 

    Modarres-Yazdi, M. (Materials and Energy Research Center, 1993-08-01)
    In this paper, we develop a procedure for selecting a supplier. Suppliers are characterized by their lead time, price and quality (random yield). Each purchased item is acceptable with a given probability and independent ...

  • a Simplified Model of Distributed Parameter Systems 

    Shimizu, T.؛ Shirvani, Mansour (Materials and Energy Research Center, 1993-08-01)
    A generalized simplified model for describing the dynamic behavior of distributed parameter systems is proposed. The various specific characteristics of gain and phase angle of distributed parameter systems are investigated ...