Volume 5, Issue 1


ارسال های اخیر

  • Eccentricity Sequence and the Eccentric Connectivity Index of Two Special Categories of Fullerenes 

    Koorepazan-Moftakhar, Fatemeh؛ Fathalikhani, Khadijeh (University of Kashan, 2014-03-01)
    In this paper, we calculate the eccentric connectivity index and the eccentricity sequence of two infinite classes of fullerenes with 50 + 10k and 60 + 12k (k in N) carbon atoms.

  • Numerical Study on the Reaction Cum Diffusion Process in a Spherical Biocatalyst 

    Saadatmandi, Abbas؛ Nafar, Nafiseh؛ Toufighi, Seyed Pendar (University of Kashan, 2014-03-01)
    In chemical engineering, several processes are represented by singular boundary value problems. In general, classical numerical methods fail to produce good approximations for the singular boundary value problems. In this ...

  • Extensions to Study Electrochemical Interfaces - A Contribution to the Theory of Ions 

    Huber, A. (University of Kashan, 2014-03-01)
    In the present study an alternative model allows the extension of the Debye-Hückel Theory (DHT) considering time dependence explicitly. From the Electro-Quasistatic approach (EQS) done in earlier studies time dependent ...

  • A Characterization of the Entropy--Gibbs Transformations 

    Sanami, Abolfazl (University of Kashan, 2014-03-01)
    Let h be a finite dimensional complex Hilbert space, b(h)+ be the set of all positive semi-definite operators on h and Phi is a (not necessarily linear) unital map of B(H) + preserving the Entropy-Gibbs transformation. ...

  • Laplacian Energy of a Fuzzy Graph 

    Rahimi sharbaf, sadegh؛ Fayazi, Fatemeh (University of Kashan, 2014-03-01)
    A concept related to the spectrum of a graph is that of energy. The energy E(G) of a graph G is equal to the sum of the absolute values of the eigenvalues of the adjacency matrix of G . The Laplacian energy of a graph G ...

  • Chemical Trees with Extreme Values of Zagreb Indices and Coindices 

    VUKIĆEVIĆ, Ž.؛ Popivoda, Goran (University of Kashan, 2014-03-01)
    We give sharp upper bounds on the Zagreb indices and lower bounds on the Zagreb coindices of chemical trees and characterize the case of equality for each of these topological invariants.

  • Computing Multiplicative Zagreb Indices with Respect to Chromatic and Clique Numbers 

    Ghorbani, Modjtaba؛ Songhori, Mahin (University of Kashan, 2014-03-01)
    The chromatic number of a graph G, denoted by χ(G), is the minimum number of colors such that G can be colored with these colors in such a way that no two adjacent vertices have the same color. A clique in a graph is a set ...