Volume 4, Issue 1


ارسال های اخیر

  • Persian Abstracts 

    پدیدآور نامشخص (Petroleum University of Technology, 2015-01-01)

  • An Electrochemical Investigation of Nano Cerium Oxide/Graphene as an Electrode Material for Supercapacitors 

    Shishesaz, Mohammadreza؛ Robat Sarpoushi, Mehdi؛ Golozar, Mohammad Ali (Petroleum University of Technology, 2015-01-01)
    In this paper, the effect of cationic and anionic ion sizes on the charge storage capability of graphene nanosheets is investigated. The electrochemical properties of the produced electrode are studied using cyclic voltammetry ...

  • Removal of Sulfur and Nitrogen Compounds from Diesel Fuel Using MSU-S 

    Rashidi, Sina؛ Khosravi Nikou, Mohammad Reza؛ Anvaripour, Bagher؛ Hamoule, Touba (Petroleum University of Technology, 2015-01-01)
    The performance of MSU-S and its forms modified with phosphotungstic acid (HPW) and nickel (Ni) for the desulfurization and denitrogenation of model diesel fuel were studied. According to the results of the characteristic ...

  • Organic Geochemistry and Paleoenvironments of Deposition of the Middle Jurassic Sediments from the Tabas Basin, Central Iran 

    Alizadeh, Bahram؛ Alipour, Majid؛ Habibnia, Bahram؛ Gandomi-Sani, Ahmad Reza؛ Khani, Behzad؛ Shirvani, Saber؛ Jahangard, AmirAbbas (Petroleum University of Technology, 2015-01-01)
    In an attempt to reconstruct the paleoenvironments of deposition for the Middle Jurassic Baghamshah formation, samples collected from six outcrop sections along the Shotori swell were subjected to detailed geochemical ...

  • Preventing Instability Phenomenon in Gas-lift Optimization 

    Mahdiani, Mohammad Reza؛ Khamehchi, Ehsan (Petroleum University of Technology, 2015-01-01)
    One of the problems that sometimes occur in gas allocation optimization is instability phenomenon. This phenomenon reduces the oil production and damages downhole and surface facilities. Different works have studied the ...

  • A CFD Simulation of Hydrogen Production in Microreactors 

    Sabziani, Javad؛ Sari, Atallah (Petroleum University of Technology, 2015-01-01)
    In this study, the modeling of hydrogen production process in microreactors by methanol-steam reforming reaction is investigated. The catalytic reaction of methanol-steam reforming producing hydrogen is simulated considering ...

  • Measurement of Mass Transfer Coefficients of Natural Gas Mixture during Gas Hydrate Formation 

    Mohebbi, Vahid؛ Mosayebi Behbahani, Reza (Petroleum University of Technology, 2015-01-01)
    In this study, mass transfer coefficients (MTC's) of natural gas components during hydrate formation are reported. This work is based on the assumption that the transport of gas molecules from gas phase to aqueous phase ...

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    پدیدآور نامشخص (Petroleum University of Technology, 2015-01-01)