Volume 6, Issue 11


ارسال های اخیر

  • A synopsis of the epistemology of pedagogic essences and orthodidactic practice 

    Patrick Sibanda (2017-11-10)
    This paper provides a comprehensive exploration of the contextualization of pedagogic essences in orthodidactic practice. A literature analysis demonstrates that orthodidactic practice is different from functional remedial ...

  • Exploring the scope and context of orthopedagogic practice 

    Patrick Sibanda (2017-11-10)
    The purpose of this paper was to unpack the domain, scope and context of the conceptualization of orthopedagogics as a part discipline of the science of pedagogy and autonomous field in its own right. Literature on ...

  • Tracing the origins of learning difficulties 

    Patrick Sibanda (2017-11-10)
    The paper focuses on tracing the origins of learning difficulties with the view of laying a foundation for their mitigation. While learning difficulties are variously understood, this paper argues for a conceptualization ...