Volume 6, Issue 4


ارسال های اخیر

  • Reinforced Concrete Columns in Torsion (RESEARCH NOTE). 

    Daniali, S.؛ Irani, F. (Materials and Energy Research Center, 1993-11-01)
    ACT does not suggest any regulations for columns under torsion. However, by all means, the number of such columns used in steel and concrete structures is abundant. In this paper, using the results of laboratory tests on ...

  • A Self-Consistent Technique for the Construction and Evaluation of the Three-Parameter Corresponding States Principles 

    Edalat, M. (Materials and Energy Research Center, 1993-11-01)
    A self-consistent approach for the evaluation of the existing three-parameter corresponding states principles of non-polar fluids and the calculation of the corresponding states parameters is presented. This self consistent ...

  • Determination of Permeability of Concrete to Chloride Ions by Rapid Test Procedures 

    Dehghanian, R. (Materials and Energy Research Center, 1993-11-01)
    Methods which can be used to assess the chloride permeability of various types of concrete in a relatively short time are described. An electrical potential from 60-80 volt DC is applied either between a chloride solution ...

  • A General Boundary-Integral Formulation for Zoned Three-Dimensional Media 

    Rezayat, M. (Materials and Energy Research Center, 1993-11-01)
    A new boundary-integral formulation is proposed to analyze the heat transfer in zoned three-dimensional geometries. The proposed formulation couples the boundary formula, the gradient of the boundary formula, and the ...

  • Taxonomy of Global Air Transport 

    Vaziri, M. (Materials and Energy Research Center, 1993-11-01)
    Data from the United Nations and the International Civil Aviation Organization Information Systems were used as a base for characterizing, classifying and comparing air transport demand and supply features of 156 countries. ...

  • On the Displacement-Stress Continuous Finite Elements 

    Shirazi-Adl, A. (Materials and Energy Research Center, 1993-11-01)
    For the analysis of composite media, three different compatible and mixed finite element formulations are presented which apriori enforce the continuity of stresses as well as displacements at the element interfaces. The ...