Volume 8, Issue 3


ارسال های اخیر

  • Modified Enthalpy Method Applied to Laser Annealing of Semi Conductor Films 

    Grigoropoulos, C. P.؛ Rostami, AA (Materials and Energy Research Center, 1995-08-01)
    The rapid melting of silicon film due to the absorption of a CW laser beam radiation is studied. The silicon film melting and recrystallization is mainly controlled by the temperature distribution in the semiconductor. The ...

  • Interactive Analysis of Space Frame Raft Soil System 

    Noorzaie, J. (Materials and Energy Research Center, 1995-08-01)
    This study presents a new approach for physical and material modeling of space frame-raft-soil system. The physical modeling consists of a modified Thimoshenko beam bending element with six degrees of freedom per node to ...

  • Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems (Ivhs) Issues and Recommendations 

    Nanda, R. S. (Materials and Energy Research Center, 1995-08-01)
    Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems (IVHS) is the integration of various pieces of information and computer technologies to the transportation elements in order to obtain a more productive transportation system. The five ...

  • Surface Hardness Measurment and Microstructural Characterisation of Steel by X-Ray Diffraction Profile Analysis 

    Farrahi, G. H.؛ Lebrun, J.L. (Materials and Energy Research Center, 1995-08-01)
    An X-ray diffraction line will broaden considerably when steels change into martensitic structure on quenching. The results presented in this paper show that X-ray diffraction technique can be employed for a rapid and ...

  • Effects of Tungsten on the Pearlite Reaction in a Eutectoid Steel 

    Aghazadeh, J. (Materials and Energy Research Center, 1995-08-01)
    The effect of an addition of 0.37 Wt % Won the overall transformation rate of the austenitepearlite reaction in a eutectoid steel is examined. Pearlite growth rates and interlamerllar spacing are measured as a function of ...