Volume 8, Issue 2


ارسال های اخیر

  • Stress Concentration Factors in Spherical Vessels with Single Oblique Nozzle 

    Naderan, K. (Materials and Energy Research Center, 1995-05-01)
    Finite element method is employed to analyze the spherical vessel intersected by an oblique cylindrical nozzle. In this survey the stress and strain distributions on acute and obtuse sides of the connection under internal ...

  • Robot Motion Vision Part II: Implementation 

    Taalebinezhaad, M.A. (Materials and Energy Research Center, 1995-05-01)
    The idea of Fixation introduced a direct method for general recovery of shape and motion from images without using either feature correspondence or optical flow [1,2]. There are some parameters which have important effects ...

  • Stress Analysis of the Human Ligamentous Lumber Spine-From Computer-Assisted Tomography to Finite Element Analysis 

    Breau, C. (Materials and Energy Research Center, 1995-05-01)
    Detailed investigation on biomechanics of a complex structure such as the human lumbar spine requires the use of advanced computer-based technique for both the geometrical reconstruction and the stress analysis. In the ...

  • Investigation of Melting by Molecular Dynamics Simulation 

    Akbarzadeh, H.؛ Amini, S. Mohammad (Materials and Energy Research Center, 1995-05-01)
    The melting of a 64 ion microcrystal of KCI was studied by means of a molecular dynamics computer simulation. We used a central pair interaction with an inverse power law repulsion. The thermodynamics, kinetic and structural ...

  • Tests to Determine the Joint Stiffness and Resisting Moment Capacity of Joints in Timber-Framed Houses 

    Nateghi, F. (Materials and Energy Research Center, 1995-05-01)
    Wind and earthquake disasters in the world often cause billions of dollars of damage to buildings, most of which is to non-engineered buildings-especially homes. Wood-frame homes use connectors which exhibit partial ...

  • Computer Simulation of Ammonia Cold Shot Converter 

    Esmailzadeh, E.؛ Mowia, D.؛ Fathi Kalajahi, J. (Materials and Energy Research Center, 1995-05-01)
    A mathematical model is developed and tested with plant data for the ammonia cold shot converter of Razi Petrochemical Complex. The model is based on a material and energy balance in a differential element of beds and is ...