Age determination and morphological study using otoliths in Cyprinus carpio Linnaeus, 1758 in the Southern Caspian Sea


The relationships between sagitta otolith morphology and fish size were examined for common carp in the Southern Caspian Sea and also the aging of different length groups were determined. Statistical tests to examine correlation between left and right otoliths dimensions were carried out and no statistically significant difference between them was found. The biggest otolith had 0.032g weight belongs to an individual with BW= 428g and FL=36cm and the smallest otolith had 0.014g for a fish with BW=220g and FL= 26cm. Regression model relations to each otolith morphometric parameter to fish length are provided. Also, the aging of this species was done by sectioning of sagitta otolith and a high significant correlations was found between fish age and morphometric parameters of both body weight and fork length and also otolith weight and length. The maximum age was determined 6+ years. The length-weight relationship was BW= 0.006 TL3.232 (r = 0.963). According to the morphometric relationships obtained, it was concluded that otolith length and weight are good indicators of fish body weight and fork length.