The technical and economic efficiency analyses of performance of brown trout (Salmo trutta fario l., 1758) fed by the commercial diets enriched with different levels of linolenic acid (lna; 18:3 n-3)


This study was designed to determine the technical and economic efficiency levels of the commercial basal feeds enriched with 10%, 5% and 0% rates of LNA (LNA10, LNA5 and LNA0) on the growth performance of brown trout by analyzing the marginal factor cost (MFC) and the marginal revenue of physical product (MRPP). A total of 300 brown trout with an initial individual weight of 4±0.05 g were randomly divided in 12 cages (25 fingerlings in each cage), and kept under 24L:0D (light/dark) photoperiod condition for 9 weeks treated by LNA10, LNA5 and LNA0. The results of the study showed that LNA0 and LNA10 of the effective feed sources, respectively on the growth performance of brown trout were more suitable to produce as the homogeneous products for the consumers and differentiated those for the drug industry in view of the economic and technical efficiencies.
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