An investigation on age, growth and biological characteristics of red mullet (Mullus barbatus ponticus, Essipov, 1927) in the Eastern Black Sea


This study was carried out during May 2010 – April 2011 in order to determine various biological properties of red mullet occurring in the Eastern Black Sea region. The average length and weight of 1435 specimens were determined as 13.13 cm and 23.14 g, respectively. Weight-length relationship was determined as W = 0.0088 L3.0338. The age distribution of this population ranged between I and VII. The female constituted of 66.2% whereas male 33.8%. Von Bertalanffy growth equation was , whereas for weight was . The GSI index reached its maximum value in June when relative fecundity was 2529.6 eggs g-1 body weight and the average egg size was 360.9 μm. The fecundity-total length and fecundity-weight relationships were calculated as F= 0.0651 TL5.1297 and F= 338.5W1.5128 , respectively.