Asthma and Aspergillosis: Which one causes the other?


Mini Review

The respiratory system of the human body is always exposed to a great number of fungal spores. Asexual spores of Aspergillus are the most frequent type of spores that can be found in various environments. The inhalation of these spores can lead to various undesirable effects in the human body. Aspergillosis is a common type of these harmful effects of inhaled spores, while sensitization, which is resulted from a long-term exposure to Aspergillus spores, is a second type. In some cases, sensitization can develop into various types of allergic diseases such as asthma, which may play a role as a predisposing factor for aspergillosis in other cases. In conclusions, Asthma and Aspergillosis have shared responsibility to form each other in a reversible relationship.