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  • روزنامه دولت علیه ایران.شماره 470 

    ص‍ن‍ی‍ع‌‌ال‍م‍ل‍ک‌‌غ‍ف‍اری‌، اب‍و‌ال‍ح‍س‍ن‌‌ب‍ن‌‌م‍ح‍م‍د، ۱۲۲۹؟ - ۱۲۸۳ ق‌.، م‍دی‍ر و نقاش (مطبعه دارالخلافه طهران, 1277-01-21)

  • Wheelchair stabilization by the control of a spatial 3-RRS mechanism 

    javadi, mehrdad; Afzalpour, Narges; Jafari, Peymaan; KhorsandiJou, Mahdi (Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineering, 2016-09-01)
    A spatial parallel mechanism namely 3-RRS mechanism has been assigned to be attached to the seat of a standard electric wheelchair to prevent the turning over of the handicapped sitting on the wheelchair. The system of the ...

  • Vibration analysis of a rectangular composite plate in contact with fluid 

    Rahmanei, Hamid; Jafari, Ali Asghar (Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineering, 2016-09-01)
    In this paper, modal analysis of the fluid-structure interaction has been investigated. Using classical laminated plate theory, a closed form solution for natural frequencies of FSI is extracted. For fluid, homogenous, ...

  • Mechanical Buckling of FG Saturated Porous Rectangular Plate with Piezoelectric Actuators 

    Jabbari, mohsen; Rezaei, Masoud; Mojahedin, Arvin (Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineering, 2016-09-01)
    In this study buckling analysis of solid rectangular plate made of porous material bounded with the layers of piezoelectric actuators in undrained condition is investigated. Porous material properties vary through the ...

  • Multiple cracks in an elastic half-plane subjected to thermo-mechanical loading 

    Surki, Reza; ayatollahi, mojtaba; Mahmoudi, Mojtaba; Mousavi, Seyed Mahmoud (Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineering, 2016-09-01)
    An analytical solution is presented for the thermoelastic problem of a half-plane with several cracks under thermo mechanical loading using distributed dislocation technique. The uncoupled quasi-static linear thermoelasticity ...

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